supply Africa farmer corn thresher machine to process corns

Corn sheller can shell the corn outside skin ,which replace artificial stripping tension hard labor, and reduce labor intensity, improve the productivity , this corn thresher machine structure is simple ,safe and reliable, supporting power for single-phase ac motor, the corn thresher is widely applicable for the rural market, partnerships purchase use. 

why africa farmer friends to choose such a corn thresher

1. This corn threshing machine can shell the maize peel and thresh the dry corn cob into corn grains.

2. This corn peeling and threshing machine is the two-in-one machine. After you shell the maize peel,please lay aside the fresh corn cob for several days until they become dry, then you can use thismachine to thresh the dry corn cob into corn grains (through another feeding hole and discharge hole) directly without changing any part of this two-in-one corn peeling and threshing machine.

3. This corn peeler machine adopts the threshing automatic regulation device, so as to reach the effects of threshing clean and the corncob will not be broken.

4. This machine is very suitable for home use and corn farm.

5. Saving time and labor, simple structure, high efficiency, low broken rate.

supply Ghana farmers corn planting machine with fertilizing function

corn planting machine is designed according to American technology.which is Mainly applicable to spreading fertilizer, sowing seeds, and mixture of fertilizer and seeds. With 25-60 horsepower, 16m-30m sowing rate, compact structure, the corn planter has high performance, wide application, high efficiency, uniform broadcast sowing, etc.

advantages of farmers to choose

1: the corn planting machine sows by weight, no damage to the seeds .

Mainly for sowing maize, which can also sowing bean, cotton seeds, peanut, sunflower seeds. Has multifun ction.
2: the maize corn seed planter has High precise seeds clearance, evenly sowing, stable, seeds-saving and less thin out seedling.
Adopts "zero speed", equal potential energy, low position feeding seeds, precise dibbling hole, seedling is even and sturdy, seedling spacing is even.
3: Feed outlet is driven by gear. There is an antireverse mechanism at the inside of driving gear to avoid troubles arising from machine reverse turning.

maize sheller machine for family use and farm land use

Our maize Sheller combined peeling corn function and shelling function together with compact left-right or up-down structure, first you feed corns though hopper opening, when corns enter into maize sheller machine, they come into collision with high speed rotors and roller, then maize kernels separate from cobs and though the screen, corn cobs are released from tail part, and silks and huskleaves exit from vent, at the front bottom of hopper opening, we also set ablock board to prevent casual cause by shooting out grains. 

features of maize sheller

1.The Maize thresher is consist of frame,hopper,roller and discharging mouth.

2.Feed dried corn cob into roller room through hopper, then the maize peeler machine to be rotating,friction,extrusion and propulsion, to be shelling.

3.Decade-long product service life and stable performance.

4.“Cooperation for mutual benefits”, and sincerely provide you with high quality products and reasonable price.